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The Semiconductor Thin Film and Plasma Processing Lab was set up in 1995 to carry out fundamental and applied research in the area of semiconductor thin films and devices, surface modification and plasma processing of various materials. Our main aim was to develop new processes and materials in thin film form, capable for a variety of applications ranging from solar cells, thin film light emitting devices (TFLEDs), microelectronic devices, sensors and actuators (MEMS). In the last twenty years we have expanded our scope of research from silicon based thin films to silicon nanostructures, boron carbide and also graphene.

The work carried out till now has long reaching implications in technology and has established the applicability of the HWCVD process in the area of photovoltaics, nanotechnology, MEMS and back end processing in microelectronics industry. Major research contributions are

  • 13% efficient silicon heterojunction solar cell
  • 8.8% efficient a-Si:H p-i-n thin film solar cell on glass
  • 6% efficient a-Si:H p-i-n solar on flexible PEN and steel substrate
  • Silicon nanowire based supercapacitor
  • Boron carbide neutron detectors
  • Microcrystalline silicon based piezo resistive pressure sensors


  • Congratulations to Partha Karar for successfully defending his thesisRead More
  • Happy to share that we have been granted a patent for an invention titled as A Method for Producing Silicon Nanowires having Composite StructureRead More
  • Congratulations to Rashmi Tripathi for being awarded the first prize in poster presentation at IIM ATMRead More
  • Congratulation to Prof Dusane for being awarded the Institute Chair ProfessorshipRead More
  • Congratulations to Karamveer Singh for receiving Best Oral Presentation Award in RAiSE conference held at IITMRead More

From the Team Leader


  • Dr. Steven A. Ringel


    Department of Physics, The Ohio State University

  • Prof. Dr. Aliaksandr S. Bandarenka

    Professorial Faculty

    Department of Physics, Technical University of Munich

  • Dr. Sc. Albert G. Nasibulin

    Professor, Head of Laboratory of Nanomaterials

    Center for Photonics and Quantum Materials, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology

  • Central Electronics Limited,

    Sahibabad, UP, India